29 Sep 2023

Ether ETFs to launch on Monday or Tuesday

The Securities and Exchange Commission, handling all crypto ETF applications in the U.S., has unexpectedly expedited decisions on multiple subjects this week.
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This week's top stories
  • U.S. Ether Futures ETFs to launch early next week
  • Unusual early delay on spot Bitcoin ETF filings
U.S. Ether Futures ETFs to launch early next week
The launch of Ethereum futures ETFs can increase buying pressure on Ethereum sooner than anticipated. U.S. Ethereum futures ETFs are likely to go live on the coming Monday, or at the latest on Tuesday.Originally, most experts believed the ETFs would go live in mid-October as the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) deadline to stop the filings expired. However, the SEC surprised many earlier this week by requesting ETF filers to update their documents by the end of this week, effectively opening the door for immediate launch once the updates are completed.
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