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September 22
142,000 Bitcoin 'Unlock' Deadline Extended by 12 Months
The immediate fear of selling pressure from the release of 142,000 Bitcoin that has been locked since 2014 is relieved. The return deadline for the remaining Bitcoin in the bankrupt Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange estate has been extended by a year, shifting from its original date of October 31, 2023, to October 31, 2024. The Mt. Gox repayment process has continuously and notoriously been delayed for the last five years. You should, therefore, not consider the deadline on October 31, 2024, as absolute. Further delays can happen. That said, according to the trustee, creditors that have provided the necessary details for repayments will start receiving repayments late this year. Mt. Gox's 127,000 creditors, primarily former exchange customers, have patiently awaited their share of the estate's assets since 2014. Currently, the trustee oversees 142,000 Bitcoin (worth $3.8 billion), 143,000 Bitcoin Cash ($30 million), and 69 billion yen ($470 million) to be distributed among the creditors.The Mt. Gox exchange suddenly halted all operations in February 2014 when they discovered that most of the exchange's 850,000 Bitcoin, 750,000 held by customers and 100,000 by the exchange were gone. Without the exchange noticing, hackers stole 650,000 Bitcoin between 2011 and 2014.
Little crypto market impact from interest rate decisions
The recent interest rate decisions from the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank (FED) and the European Central Bank (ECB) on Wednesday had minimal impact on the crypto markets. The Federal Reserve maintained its interest rates, while the ECB implemented a 25bps increase.The rate decisions were as anticipated, with no substantial shifts in the central banks' outlooks that significantly altered market expectations. In 2021 and 2022, the crypto markets exhibited strong correlations with macroeconomic variables, but these correlations have largely dissipated in 2023. Consequently, monetary policy decisions have a diminished influence on the crypto market compared to the past two years. This is great news for crypto as a portfolio diversifier.Instead, crypto specific events now have the largest impact on market direction. Examples of such events are the approval or denial of U.S. crypto ETFs and liquidity events like the ongoing Mt. Gox situation.
Past Weekly Highlights
22 Sep 2023
New postponement on Mt. Gox Bitcoin hitting the open market
Update on when to expect the sizable stack of Mt. Gox Bitcoin to become liquid and interest rate decisions across the board.
15 Sep 2023
Traders beware – FTX altcoins to flood the market
An old acquaintance, the bankrupt FTX exchange, will impact the markets negatively again. A new report shows crypto is not just about the U.S., and DeFi continues to fight legal battles.
08 Sep 2023
Almost 100,000 Crypto Millionaires - According to New Report
Following a flurry of ETF news from the U.S. in past weeks, this week has been quieter and more 'as expected'. Still, things are happening. Ether spot ETFs and some interesting new reports are on the menu in this week's newsletter.
01 Sep 2023
Grayscale's Court Win Clears Path for U.S. Bitcoin Spot ETF
Grayscale's court win has dominated headlines this week. We look closer at the implications and get you up to speed on the important news that flew under the radar.
25 Aug 2023
FBI Arrests Developer of Popular Privacy Tool
In this week's newsletter, we delve into the motivations behind the FBI arrest and the associated concerns, while also examining the escalating competition for market shares among stablecoin issuers.
18 Aug 2023
Why did crypto prices crash?
We examine why crypto prices took a tumble and explain why it's a familiar pattern.
11 Aug 2023
PayPal launches US dollar stablecoin
PayPal positioning itself in the lucrative stablecoin market, the first days of Coinbase's Base network, and insolvency rumors surrounding a crypto exchange. We guide you through the most important crypto news from the past week.
04 Aug 2023
The Friday Focus 97: DeFi fears after exploit and Q2 results
DeFi protocol Curve exploit leads to broader DeFi concerns, Coinbase's new Base network, and Q2 results. This, and more, in today's Friday Focus.
21 Jul 2023
The Friday Focus 95 - Nasdaq's crypto plans have hit a pause
Nasdaq halts its crypto custody service citing regulatory conditions, U.S. house republicans introduce crypto oversight bill, and Gensler adds remarks to the Ripple case. This, and more, in today's Friday Focus.
21 Jul 2023
The Friday Focus 96 - Worldcoin token and U.S. politics
The U.S. Congress is busy at work with crypto bills, the SEC finding new ways to strangle crypto, and the launch of the Worldcoin token. This, and more, in today's Friday Focus.
14 Jul 2023
The Friday Focus 94 - XRP back on the menu
Court decision on XRP, another 2022 crypto lending profile arrested, and a big week for Coinbase. This, and more, in today's Friday Focus.
06 Jul 2023
The Friday Focus 93 - BlackRock sees Bitcoin as digital gold
Blackrock on Bitcoin, the battle for location-agnostic crypto companies, and the air is out of the NFT balloon. This, and more, in today's Friday Focus.
29 Jun 2023
The Friday Focus 92 - SEC vs. Coinbase and spot ETF race
The SEC vs. Coinbase case moved forward, and the spot ETF race becomes crowded. In addition, the EU takes one little step closer to a digital Euro. Get up to speed on the latest crypto news in today's Friday Focus.
15 Jun 2023
The Friday Focus 91 - Crypto rallies on institutional news
Crypto rally fuelled by signs of strong institutional interest, more crypto moves by TradFi, and an update on the regulatory battle in the U.S. This, and more in today's Friday Focus.
15 Jun 2023
The Friday Focus 90 - Blackrock applies for Bitcoin spot ETF
Blackrock, the world's largest investment manager, applies for a Bitcoin spot ETF and a U.S. court rules against freezing Binance US assets. We take you through the last week's most important crypto news in our Friday Focus.
08 Jun 2023
The Friday Focus Issue 89 - The SEC strikes
The awaited showdown between the securities regulator (SEC) and crypto exchanges is on in the U.S.
01 Jun 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 88
Europe's new crypto rules are formally signed, Tether asserts its dominance in the stablecoin market, and the Bitcoin miners strike back in Texas. This, and more, in our weekly news recap below.
25 May 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 87
BlockFi retracts statement regarding liquidation, Celsius assets sold, ChatGPT founder Sam Altman secures $115M for previously mocked Worldcoin, and more, in this week's Friday Focus!
19 May 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 86
An infamous trio from last year's crypto crisis is in focus this week, with BlockFi, Voyager, and Celsius still figuring out how to repay their customers - more in this week's Friday Focus!
11 May 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 85
More Q1 results, operational trouble for Binance, and brief problems for the Ethereum network. This, and more, in the Friday Focus.
05 May 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 84
The SEC ordered to answer Coinbase promptly, FED raised interest rates, and positive results for several crypto companies—this and more in the Friday Focus below.
28 Apr 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 83
Crypto exchanges are in focus this week as Coinbase pushes SEC for answers, while Binance nukes its deal with bankrupt Voyager — more on the crypto exchanges' struggles and other news in this week's Friday Focus.
21 Apr 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 82
The European Union became the first major jurisdiction to pass comprehensive crypto laws—more on the EU's new MiCA law and other news in this week's Friday Focus.
14 Apr 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 81
This week’s news are more about what’s to come than what happened. Get up to speed by reading our quick rundown in the post-Easter Friday Focus.
05 Apr 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 80
Our weekly K33 Research newsletter. This week on a Wednesday!
30 Mar 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 79
American authorities vs. the crypto industry have become a recurring topic in the Friday Focus. And this week is no different. Get the short and sweet rundown in the Friday Focus below.
23 Mar 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 78
Our weekly K33 Research newsletter.
16 Mar 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 77
Our weekly K33 Research newsletter.
09 Mar 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 76
Prominent crypto bank Silvergate enters controlled liquidation, and crypto prices take a tumble. Get up to date on a U.S. heavy news week in our Friday Focus below.