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27 Sep 2023
Choosing Altcoins - Out With The Old, In With The New!
Remnants of past glory are of little worth in the altcoin market. In this week's Navigating Narratives, DeFi analyst David Zimmerman gives you the full rundown on why you should invest in new coins rather than the old.
19 Sep 2023
DeFi Simplified - Let The Pros Do It For You
In this week's Navigating Narratives, our DeFi analyst David Zimmerman shows you how you can outsource your DeFi trading to proven altcoin traders - in a fully trustless manner.
13 Sep 2023
Altcoins – Are You Trading or Are You Punting?
The common way to profit in altcoin trading has been to buy early, hope for the rip, and sell before it crashes. In this week's Navigating Narratives, David Zimmerman argues that you should have more than the buy-and-hope strategy in your toolbox.
07 Sep 2023
Crypto Gaming - The Future of Gaming or Forced Narrative?
David Zimmerman looks closer at the prospects and investment opportunities in crypto gaming. Crypto gaming tokens provided opportunity for astronomic profits in the last bull run, but you had to sell in time! Will it be different now?
30 Aug 2023
Unibot Revolutionises Crypto Usability
The difficulty of interacting with DeFi is a significant blocker for broader adoption. Unibot is making it easier than ever before to interact with DeFi - and there is a token involved. Learn more in DeFi analyst David Zimmerman's latest article.
23 Aug 2023 - Social Revolution or Fad?
It’s Crypto - Stay On Your Toes!
15 Aug 2023
GambleFi - Rollbit And The Rest
Crypto natives love to speculate. They love to bet on market direction and they have a great appetite for risk. It’s no surprise then, that GambleFi has developed into a major narrative.
06 Aug 2023
Supply schedules and ownership spread for Bitcoin and peers
Supply schedule and ownership concentration are important to evaluate when investing in cryptocurrencies. For payment tokens in the top 30 cryptos by market cap, the percentage of supply to be released in the coming years varies greatly.
31 Jul 2023
K33 Vinter Quality Index - August Selection Assessment
UNI (Uniswap) removed from the index. The index now consists of 8 of the top 30 cryptocurrencies by market cap.
31 Jul 2023
Why we decided to exclude the UNI token from the KVQ Index
The Uniswap protocol generates significant trading fees, but will the UNI token ever capture its (fair) share? We believe not.
30 May 2023
The difference between a native token and a token
The native token can be compared to a national currency. Only crypto has no geographical borders - just networks and blockchains.
02 May 2023
Payment tokens: Bitcoin ownership the most spread
Most payment tokens are organically distributed through mining with no pre-allocations. But no allocations don't equate to spread ownership. The issuance schedules are massively frontloaded - early adopters will, in practice, get huge allocations.
26 Apr 2023
K33 Vinter Quality Index underperforms first three months
With Bitcoin and Ethereum performing the best, the equal-weighted K33 Vinter Quality Index severely underperforms the market. Compared to a passive equal weighted index of the top 30 tokens, the index also has no overperformance.
26 Apr 2023
K33 Vinter Quality Index - May Selection Assessment
AVAX (Avalanche) removed from the index.
26 Apr 2023
K33 Vinter Quality Index - May Selection
The selection for the May 1 rebalancing of the KVQ Index is listed below. Nine of the top 30 tokens passed the quality filter for inclusion in the index.
12 Apr 2023
The K33-Vinter Quality Index Selection - Feb 2023
In this article, we lay out the methodology for the selection of cryptocurrencies in the K33-Vinter Quality Index. Pro Subscribers can also download the full assessment of the top 30 tokens as of February 1st, 2023.
12 Apr 2023
Methodology - The K33 Vinter Quality Index
The KVQ index comprises an equally weighted mix of the most promising tokens amongst the top 30 crypto assets. Tokens with a low long term survival-probability are excluded, contributing to a substantial reduction in downside risk in the index.
15 Mar 2023
The Bear Case for Ether
Ethereum dominates the smart contract world because of its first-mover advantage. But what can ruin the value of Ether?