20 Dec 2022

Ahead of the curve - December 20

The last week was a hectic macro week, with Bitcoin’s price movements being heavily influenced by the CPI release and FOMC. Will volatility settle as we approach the Holiday season?
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Volatility revisited the market last week, as BTC (-2%) has touched both December highs and December lows in the past seven days in a week heavily influenced by macro events. ETH (-5%) followed BTC closely in the past week, seeing slightly more downside while moving in a tightly correlated pattern.Next week, we will change things up and publish a year-in-review report of this catastrophic year to be published on Thursday instead of our regular Tuesday market update. Per previous Holiday seasons, markets tend to be relatively idle during the holiday season, and we see few important macro events on the horizon, with the most notorious event coming up being closed markets due to the Christmas Holiday.We cover macro and Grayscale in detail, in this eight edition of our new market report, "Ahead of the curve". 
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Ahead of the curve (6)
Ahead of the curve - Dec 20 2022
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