18 Apr 2022

Bitcoin mining rig prices continue dropping

Bitcoin mining rigs haven't been cheaper since August, as decreased mining profitability leads to less demand for hardware.
Source: Hashrate Index
Some mining rigs are more energy-efficient than others, meaning that they require less electricity to produce the same amount of bitcoin.We measure the energy efficiency of mining rigs in watts per terrahash (w/TH). This metric shows how much energy a rig uses to produce 1 TH per second, and the lower this number - the more energy-efficient is the mining rig.The ASICs are priced per TH/s of hashrate they can produce. The more efficiently a rig can deliver hashrate, the more will it cost per TH/s. For example, the most efficient rigs cost around $80 per TH/s, while the least efficient rigs trade for about $20 per TH/s.Hashrate Index provides an index tracking the prices of highly efficient rigs (under 38 w/TH), medium efficient rigs (38 -68 w/TH), and inefficient rigs (above 68 w/TH).Example of calculating rig prices: The Antminer S19 Pro, with an energy efficiency of 30 w/TH, belongs to the "Under 38 w/TH" group and therefore has a cost of $80 per TH. Multiplying this rig's hashrate of 110 TH/s by $80 per TH gives a rig price of $8,800.Since December, rig prices have been trending down, primarily due to decreasing profitability of mining.
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