02 May 2022

Largest net outflows in BTC ETPs history

April saw net outflows amounting to 14,327 BTC, leading the BTC under management to decline to 187,112 BTC. This is the largest monthly outflow in the history of BTC ETPs.
ETP outflow.svg
Source: Bytetree, VanEck, Proshares, Hashdex, StatusInvest
April saw the highest monthly net outflows in the BTC ETP history, with outflows amounting to 14,327 BTC reversing all gains seen in March. In total, the global AUM of BTC ETPs shrank to 187,000 BTC by the end of the month. All regions except Brazil saw net outflows. Brazil saw minor net inflows but remains small in a global context. Canadian ETFs saw massive outflows in April, amounting to 7100 BTC, or a 10% decline in BTC under management compared to the end of March. US BTC ETFs saw their worst month since launch, seeing monthly net outflows equivalent to 3312 BTC, with all outflows originating from BITO. In total, the BTC exposure of US ETFs declined by 11% in April. Europe saw outflows amounting to 3974 BTC in April. In 10 out of 16 months since January 2021, European ETPs have seen net outflows. However, the April outflows in European ETPs were smaller than the Canadian ETFs, leading the European dominance to increase slightly. Crypto ETFs will soon go live in Australia. One of these ETFs will offer direct exposure, while others will hold Canadian BTC ETFs, which might be positive for Canadian ETFs.
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