20 Sep 2021

Long liquidations ticking up

$860 million worth of longs have been liquidated in the past two days, considerably lower than what we’ve seen in previous sell-offs. This suggests that the current market dynamics are more impacted by spot activity than chaos in the derivatives.
Source: Bybt
In the last two days, $860 million worth of longs have been liquidated as bitcoin has fallen from $47,000 to $40,000.This is substantially lower than the liquidation volumes during the September 7th crash of $1.2 billion and far lower than the levels seen during sell-offs this spring.This indicates that the current sell-off is a more organic spot-driven sell-off than previous crashes. This is also evident by less severe intraday swings. However, liquidations saw a sharp uptick as bitcoin plummeted from $43,000 to $40,000 this night.
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