25 Apr 2022

Nearly 100 million people have access to Lightning payments

In March 2022, we estimated that more than 80 million people had access to Lightning payments on an installed application, an enormous growth from the 100,000 people in the summer of 2021.
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Most of these users come from a select few applications integrating Lightning payments, but the number of users on already existing applications has also risen significantly.The primary sources of user growth during the Autumn of 2021 are the El Salvadorian government wallet Chivo with 4 million downloads, and peer-to-peer digital marketplace Paxful with 7 million downloads.
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Source: Arcane Research
The most significant spike in the number of users with access to Lightning payments came in February 2022 when Block’s Cash App integrated the Lightning Network.Users with access to Lightning payments are not the same as active users. It’s, for instance, reasonable to believe that most of the users of popular payment apps that recently implemented Lightning payments still don’t use it. However, more user access increases the likelihood of more widespread use.Check out our new Lightning report to learn more about how the Lightning ecosystem is growing.
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