07 Feb 2022

Public capacity on the Lightning Network plateauing

After having seen massive growth throughout most of 2021, the BTC capacity on the Lightning Network has plateaued at 3000 BTC, but a slight growth has been seen in the last week.
Source: BitcoinVisuals
The public capacity of the Lightning Network currently sits at 3418 BTC, up from 1066 BTC one year ago.However, the Lightning Network growth rate has plateaued in the last three months, after having seen a very strong growth rate up until November.This is not surprising. The Lightning growth rate coincided with the launch of BTC as legal tender in El Salvador, as entities prepared for what was to come.Later on, Twitter announced lightning integration for their tipping service, further expanding the Lightning use case.Since it has been relatively quiet in terms of Lightning-related news. However, yesterday mobile payments platform CashApp announced Lightning integrations, which could spark a new growth face for the 2nd layer Bitcoin solution.
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