22 Mar 2021

Stable weekly volumes in the P2P market for an entire year

The trading volumes in the P2P markets have been stable at around $80 million per week for an entire year.
p2p volumes.svg
Source: NYDIG and UsefulTulips. Paxful and LocalBitcoins combined.
It’s now been half a year since we published our report on the state of the crypto P2P market. Now it’s time to give a brief update on the developments of the P2P market. The global peer-to-peer volume has been remarkably stable since March 2020 and has averaged at around $80m per week. Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Sub-Saharan Africa have seen increasing volumes over the last year, which will be further elaborated on in the next slide. Given P2P trades require outside settlement, the P2P volumes are more comparable to fiat deposit volumes than exchange trade volume. The stable P2P volumes thus indicate a stable demand globally to stack sats on a weekly basis.
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