19 Jun 2020

Survey: Majority of millennials trust Bitcoin over big banks

The Tokenist recently reported that the trust in Bitcoin over big banks has risen sharply over the past 3 years.
trusting bitcoin.svg
Source: The Tokenist
The survey polled 4852 participants, of which 741 of the participants was taken from the Tokenist email list. This might skew the results as the participants from the mailing list most likely have a positive Bitcoin bias.In a similar survey conducted in 2017, 18% of the respondents indicated that they trusted Bitcoin over banks. This has risen by 29%, reaching 47% in the recent Tokenist survey.A majority of the millennials questioned (51%) stated that they trust Bitcoin over banks, growing from 27% in 2017. People aged 65 and above still vastly trust big banks over Bitcoin.Moreover, 44% of millennials reported that they are likely to own bitcoin within 5 years, of which 14% stated that they already own bitcoin – showing that there is clearly room for bitcoin to grow.This is not the first time we see these kind of statistics and it provides further evidence of increased Bitcoin interest among millennials.A report in 2019 showed that GBTC was the fifth most popular asset to hold among millennials, preferred above Berkshire Hathaway, Netflix and Microsoft.
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