31 May 2021

Taproot update: More than 90% of blocks are signaling for Taproot

The activation of Taproot for Bitcoin looks imminent and will most likely happen in ~11 days with the next difficulty adjustment, as more than 90% of blocks have been signaling for Taproot over the past week.
More miners and mining pools are now signaling for Taproot, and the number has increased gradually over the past month.This is good news, as 90% of all blocks within a 2016 block period (the period between bitcoin’s difficulty adjustments) must signal for Taproot in order for the soft fork to take place.The Taproot soft fork signaling process could last until August, but it looks very likely that we’ll see a successful signaling process already in approx. 11 days when this current 2016 block period is over.This will lock in the soft fork for activation in November.
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