13 Apr 2022

The State of Lightning Volume 2 - Micropayments dominate in numbers

Making minuscule payments possible without drowning in fees is one of the Lightning Network’s unique features. And it’s showing in the data.
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In our new report, The State of Lightning Volume 2, we estimate that close to 2 million payments were performed on the Lightning Network in the first two months of 2022. Breaking the payments down into categories, we see that more than half of the payments are tiny and go from a service to an individual. We call them micro rewards. The figure below divides the number of payments in January and February 2022 based on purpose. Note that micro rewards make up the brunt of the “Other” category.
Lightning Payment Count
Lightning Payment Count YTD through February 2022. Source: Arcane Research
The most considerable portion of rewards is from gaming services that reward players with satoshis over the Lightning Network for playing their games. But a substantial number of payments also stem from users being rewarded for spending, exercising, or doing other tasks. Want more insight on Lightning Network usage? Check out our new report.
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