20 Apr 2022

The State of Lightning Volume 2 - Three types of payments dominate volume

Micro rewards dominate payments in terms of numbers. In terms of volume, there are three other types of payments that dominate.
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Of the total payment volume in the first two months of 2022, close to 50 percent of the value of payments is transacted directly between individuals. These payments can serve a wide array of purposes. People can use them to transfer remittance payments to a relative abroad, buy stuff from their neighbor, hand out sats to their friends, etc.
payment volume
Distribution of Lightning Payments Volume in 2022. Source: Arcane Research
20 percent of the payments in 2022 have been purchases of goods or services handled through a payment processor or bought indirectly through gift cards.Even though trading markets have been slow in January and February, deposits and withdrawals still account for a third of the payment volume in the first two months of 2022. Other payments make up a tiny part of payment volume accounting for about 1 percent. Want more insight on Lightning Network usage? Check out our new report.
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