08 Jan 2024

Hours away from the verdict

Last Tuesday, the market looked set up for the decision to be a sell-the-news event. But with last Wednesday's leverage shakeout, the facts have changed. Read our latest take on the post-ETF approval price action in today's Ahead of the Curve.
AOC Cover Jan 9 2024 SVG
The spot ETF announcement is imminent
We are on the second day of the three-day window from January 8 to January 10, where the ETF decisions are expected. The market overwhelmingly expects the decision to be an approval, but the market will nonetheless react upon the final verdict. This vibrant market requires a vigilant focus from traders as the state of the market is prone to sudden and rapid changes. We expect volumes to climb higher over the coming week, but also fast-paced adjustments in traders’ risk profiles. If there is one week in 2024 where you should be particularly tuned in, this is it.
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