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16 May 2024
Meme season
'Roaring Kitty' returned for one more round of Gamestop action, and a Tornado Cash developer was sentenced to prison in the Netherlands. In Trending Topics, we examine how institutional investors have embraced the U.S. spot bitcoin ETFs.
09 May 2024
The SEC continues to go after crypto
This week, it was Robinhood's turn to receive notice of impending legal action. FTX will pay back creditors with interest, Visa claims that only 10% of stablecoin transactions are 'real', and can crypto affect the upcoming U.S. presidential election?
02 May 2024
Crypto companies post record profits; markets tumble
The crypto markets have soured, at least temporarily, crypto companies report record Q1 results, and the former Binance CEO received his prison sentence. Also, the Metamask creators challenge the SEC, and Blackrock goes further into tokenization.
25 Apr 2024
Stripe to integrate crypto payments
Stripe will start accepting stablecoins, more crypto wallet operators were charged in the U.S., and the spot Ethereum ETF approval deadline is nearing. Also, we look at the new Bitcoin protocol, which caused transaction fees to soar after the halving.
18 Apr 2024
Fears of war affecting the crypto markets
Iran's attack on Israel sent markets crashing, Hong Kong approves spot crypto ETFs, and the Worldcoin Foundation will launch a layer 2 rollup. In Trending Topics, we look at the Bitcoin halving, which is only hours away.
11 Apr 2024
Uniswap to be sued by the SEC
Uniswap Labs was notified of a coming lawsuit, a new blockchain project raised $225 million, and Sam Bankman-Fried appealed his jail sentence. Also, we look at the launch of restaking protocol EigenLayer and Maker DAO's newfound love for Ethena's USDe.
04 Apr 2024
FTX to start repaying creditors by year's end
FTX creditors might get their reimbursements already this year, Bank of England will likely trial tokenized assets, and KuCoin hits trouble after U.S. charges.
28 Mar 2024
My long term investment case for bitcoin
There are short-term factors like the new U.S. ETFs and the upcoming Bitcoin halving. But the longer-term case rests on larger macro factors, says Torbjørn Bull Jenssen.
21 Mar 2024
Blackrock launches tokenized fund
Blackrock continues to expand its presence in the crypto landscape, the SEC delayed decisions on spot Etherereum ETFs, and memecoin NFT sold for millions. Also, we look at Microstrategy's bitcoin treasury strategy and the current memecoin frenzy on Solana.
14 Mar 2024
Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto
A judge ruled that Craig Wright is not Satoshi, Ethereum's Dencun upgrade went live, and Nigerian authorities keep going after Binance. In Trending Topics, we look at U.S. spot bitcoin ETF inflows and the chances of approval for U.S. spot Ethereum ETFs.
07 Mar 2024
A new all-time high
Bitcoin reaches new heights, U.S. spot ether ETF decisions were predictably postponed, and a controversial bitcoin miner survey has been stopped. Also, we discuss Uniswap's fee switch proposal and give you a quick primer on the new stablecoin USDe.
29 Feb 2024
Market exuberance
The rapidly rising prices have crypto investors doing victory laps, Gemini Earn will return more than $1 billion in crypto, and crypto exchanges were not blocked in Nigeria after all. Also, we discuss the potential arrival of the 'altcoin season'.
22 Feb 2024
ECB labels bitcoin's rally a 'dead cat bounce'
ECB officials reiterate their negative bitcoin stance, the U.K. will bring new stablecoin rules, and reports of a crypto shutdown in Nigeria. Also, we touch on the rising stablecoin issuance and using Polymarket to judge the probability of events.
15 Feb 2024
Rising tide
Prices rose strongly on Wall Street appetite for bitcoin, and Coinbase exceeded Q4 estimates. But watch out, U.S. spot Ethereum ETFs won't necessarily follow. In Trending Topics, we discuss yield-paying stablecoins and the new fungible (!) NFTs.
08 Feb 2024
Binance delists Monero and Solana goes down
Binance adds to the list of exchanges delisting Monero, the Solana network didn't produce blocks for five hours straight, and a new U.S. rule might affect DeFi. In Trending Topics, we look closer at the Solana crash and the latest social hype – Farcaster.
01 Feb 2024
Stablecoins is a lucrative business
Stablecoin issuer Tether reports record profits, emergency request to surveil U.S. miners, and the FTX exchange won't be restarting. In Trending Topics, we touch on the chances for U.S. spot Ether ETFs and the, so far, failed rotational play into Ether.
25 Jan 2024
580 million crypto owners
A new report estimates more than 7% of the global population owns crypto. Interoperability protocols increasingly receive funding, but total crypto funding fell further in Q4. In Trending Topics, we look at the timeline for the Ethereum Dencun upgrade.
18 Jan 2024
Stricter rules for European crypto firms coming
The EU has suggested mandatory due diligence on crypto transactions, Texas miners powered off during cold outbreak, and Coinbase lawsuit hearing started. In Trending Topics, we discuss anti-crypto Senator Elizabeth Warren and the ever-returning Tether FUD.
11 Jan 2024
U.S. spot ETFs approved
It was a huge first day of trading for the long-awaited spot Bitcoin ETFs in the U.S. Read the quick summary of ETF week in the news section. In Trending Topics, we touch on the toxic Bitcoin NFT debate and Ethereum possibly increasing the block size.
04 Jan 2024
Crypto markets dumped on ETF rejection story
A ‘no-news report’ started a liquidation cascade, Binance warns of Monero delisting, and the real-world use of the Terra stablecoins was not so real after all. In Trending Topics, we update you on the progress of Ethereum’s current roadmap.
28 Dec 2023
Reviewing the year in reviews
Do the experts differ in their forecasts for 2024? We give you the answer after going through all the most prominent 'year in review reports'.
21 Dec 2023
70,000 Silk Road bitcoin officially in government hands
We also update you on the spot Bitcoin ETFs, the crazy rise of memecoin BONK, and give you a quick intro to the new Ethereum upgrade coming shortly. In Trending Topics, we ask: Is Ether's underperformance a sign that other chains are outcompeting Ethereum?
14 Dec 2023
Interest rates to come down and compromised DeFi protocols
Interest rates are expected to come down faster than previously anticipated, the practicalities of U.S spot ETFs, and multiple DeFi protocols were compromised at once. We also look at the year-to-date returns for the top 100 cryptos by market cap.
07 Dec 2023
No news is good news?
Crypto prices keep rising on U.S. spot Bitcoin ETF anticipation, old 'bitcoins' are on the move, and crypto traders are getting more sophisticated. We also give you some NFT advice for the next bull run in the Trending Topics section.
30 Nov 2023
MicroStrategy buys more Bitcoin and spot ETFs still look on
This Week in Crypto - Summary of the important crypto news and trending topics. Short and sweet to get you quickly up to speed.
23 Nov 2023
Binance settles to pay whooping $4.3 billion fine
This Week in Crypto - Summary of the important crypto news and trending topics. Short and sweet to get you quickly up to speed.
16 Nov 2023
Increased crypto funding appetite and the scaling debate
This Week in Crypto - Our weekly K33 Research newsletter. Investors are warming up to crypto again, and Blackrock completes its spot Ether ETF filing + the scaling debate is heating up again.
09 Nov 2023
Blackrock files for spot Ether ETF
Navigating Narratives - Our weekly K33 Research newsletter. In this edition: Blackrock files for spot Ether ETF; AI + Crypto – The perfect marriage for snake oil salesmen.
18 Aug 2023
Why did crypto prices crash?
We examine why crypto prices took a tumble and explain why it's a familiar pattern.
11 Aug 2023
PayPal launches US dollar stablecoin
PayPal positioning itself in the lucrative stablecoin market, the first days of Coinbase's Base network, and insolvency rumors surrounding a crypto exchange. We guide you through the most important crypto news from the past week.
04 Aug 2023
The Friday Focus 97: DeFi fears after exploit and Q2 results
DeFi protocol Curve exploit leads to broader DeFi concerns, Coinbase's new Base network, and Q2 results. This, and more, in today's Friday Focus.
21 Jul 2023
The Friday Focus 95 - Nasdaq's crypto plans have hit a pause
Nasdaq halts its crypto custody service citing regulatory conditions, U.S. house republicans introduce crypto oversight bill, and Gensler adds remarks to the Ripple case. This, and more, in today's Friday Focus.
21 Jul 2023
The Friday Focus 96 - Worldcoin token and U.S. politics
The U.S. Congress is busy at work with crypto bills, the SEC finding new ways to strangle crypto, and the launch of the Worldcoin token. This, and more, in today's Friday Focus.
14 Jul 2023
The Friday Focus 94 - XRP back on the menu
Court decision on XRP, another 2022 crypto lending profile arrested, and a big week for Coinbase. This, and more, in today's Friday Focus.
06 Jul 2023
The Friday Focus 93 - BlackRock sees Bitcoin as digital gold
Blackrock on Bitcoin, the battle for location-agnostic crypto companies, and the air is out of the NFT balloon. This, and more, in today's Friday Focus.
15 Jun 2023
The Friday Focus 90 - Blackrock applies for Bitcoin spot ETF
Blackrock, the world's largest investment manager, applies for a Bitcoin spot ETF and a U.S. court rules against freezing Binance US assets. We take you through the last week's most important crypto news in our Friday Focus.
15 Jun 2023
The Friday Focus 91 - Crypto rallies on institutional news
Crypto rally fuelled by signs of strong institutional interest, more crypto moves by TradFi, and an update on the regulatory battle in the U.S. This, and more in today's Friday Focus.
08 Jun 2023
The Friday Focus Issue 89 - The SEC strikes
The awaited showdown between the securities regulator (SEC) and crypto exchanges is on in the U.S.
01 Jun 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 88
Europe's new crypto rules are formally signed, Tether asserts its dominance in the stablecoin market, and the Bitcoin miners strike back in Texas. This, and more, in our weekly news recap below.
25 May 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 87
BlockFi retracts statement regarding liquidation, Celsius assets sold, ChatGPT founder Sam Altman secures $115M for previously mocked Worldcoin, and more, in this week's Friday Focus!
19 May 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 86
An infamous trio from last year's crypto crisis is in focus this week, with BlockFi, Voyager, and Celsius still figuring out how to repay their customers - more in this week's Friday Focus!
11 May 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 85
More Q1 results, operational trouble for Binance, and brief problems for the Ethereum network. This, and more, in the Friday Focus.
05 May 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 84
The SEC ordered to answer Coinbase promptly, FED raised interest rates, and positive results for several crypto companies—this and more in the Friday Focus below.
28 Apr 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 83
Crypto exchanges are in focus this week as Coinbase pushes SEC for answers, while Binance nukes its deal with bankrupt Voyager — more on the crypto exchanges' struggles and other news in this week's Friday Focus.
21 Apr 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 82
The European Union became the first major jurisdiction to pass comprehensive crypto laws—more on the EU's new MiCA law and other news in this week's Friday Focus.
14 Apr 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 81
This week’s news are more about what’s to come than what happened. Get up to speed by reading our quick rundown in the post-Easter Friday Focus.
05 Apr 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 80
Our weekly K33 Research newsletter. This week on a Wednesday!
30 Mar 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 79
American authorities vs. the crypto industry have become a recurring topic in the Friday Focus. And this week is no different. Get the short and sweet rundown in the Friday Focus below.
23 Mar 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 78
Our weekly K33 Research newsletter.
16 Mar 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 77
Our weekly K33 Research newsletter.
09 Mar 2023
The Friday Focus - Issue 76
Prominent crypto bank Silvergate enters controlled liquidation, and crypto prices take a tumble. Get up to date on a U.S. heavy news week in our Friday Focus below.