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30 Nov 2023
MicroStrategy buys more Bitcoin and spot ETFs still look on
This Week in Crypto - Summary of the important crypto news and trending topics. Short and sweet to get you quickly up to speed.
23 Nov 2023
Binance settles to pay whooping $4.3 billion fine
This Week in Crypto - Summary of the important crypto news and trending topics. Short and sweet to get you quickly up to speed.
16 Nov 2023
Increased crypto funding appetite and the scaling debate
This Week in Crypto - Our weekly K33 Research newsletter. Investors are warming up to crypto again, and Blackrock completes its spot Ether ETF filing + the scaling debate is heating up again.
09 Nov 2023
Blackrock files for spot Ether ETF
Navigating Narratives - Our weekly K33 Research newsletter. In this edition: Blackrock files for spot Ether ETF; AI + Crypto – The perfect marriage for snake oil salesmen.
02 Nov 2023
Sam Bankman-Fried found guilty; UK's new crypto regulations
This Week in Crypto - Our weekly K33 Research newsletter.
27 Oct 2023
Bull market vibes and terrorist financing
Crypto price rally, Sam Bankman-Fried testifies, critical Lightning Network vulnerability, and grossly overblown crypto terrorist financing numbers by the Wall Street Journal.
20 Oct 2023
Fake news Bitcoin rally, tokenizing RWAs, and VC funding
A fake news-led Bitcoin rally represents this week’s biggest news event in an otherwise calm crypto newsweek. In the Trending Topics section, we look closer at hype surrounding real-world asset tokenization and the current state of crypto VC funding.
13 Oct 2023
Bitcoin Special – Smart Contracts and Digital Gold
Outside the Sam Bankman-Fried trial that receives much attention, Bitcoin is trending this week with proposed new use cases and investment interest driven by uncertain times.
06 Oct 2023
The FTX collapse recapped as Sam Bankman-Fried trial starts
A brief explainer of the FTX collapse – because the defining events often drown in the absurd stories, and an update on the first week of Ether ETF trading in the U.S.
29 Sep 2023
Ether ETFs to launch on Monday or Tuesday
The Securities and Exchange Commission, handling all crypto ETF applications in the U.S., has unexpectedly expedited decisions on multiple subjects this week.
22 Sep 2023
New postponement on Mt. Gox Bitcoin hitting the open market
Update on when to expect the sizable stack of Mt. Gox Bitcoin to become liquid and interest rate decisions across the board.
15 Sep 2023
Traders beware – FTX altcoins to flood the market
An old acquaintance, the bankrupt FTX exchange, will impact the markets negatively again. A new report shows crypto is not just about the U.S., and DeFi continues to fight legal battles.
08 Sep 2023
Almost 100,000 Crypto Millionaires - According to New Report
Following a flurry of ETF news from the U.S. in past weeks, this week has been quieter and more 'as expected'. Still, things are happening. Ether spot ETFs and some interesting new reports are on the menu in this week's newsletter.
01 Sep 2023
Grayscale's Court Win Clears Path for U.S. Bitcoin Spot ETF
Grayscale's court win has dominated headlines this week. We look closer at the implications and get you up to speed on the important news that flew under the radar.
25 Aug 2023
FBI Arrests Developer of Popular Privacy Tool
In this week's newsletter, we delve into the motivations behind the FBI arrest and the associated concerns, while also examining the escalating competition for market shares among stablecoin issuers.
29 Jun 2023
The Friday Focus 92 - SEC vs. Coinbase and spot ETF race
The SEC vs. Coinbase case moved forward, and the spot ETF race becomes crowded. In addition, the EU takes one little step closer to a digital Euro. Get up to speed on the latest crypto news in today's Friday Focus.