06 Jul 2023

The Emerging Crypto Industry

In this report, we map out the entire global crypto industry, providing a comprehensive and detailed overview. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first attempt at sizing the entire industry from the perspective of value creation and employment.
The global crypto industry - horizontal cover picture SVG

Report Contents

Chapter 1 - An introduction to cryptocurrencies- A trillion-dollar market and 420 million ownersChapter 2 - A high-level overview of the crypto Industry- 10,000 companies valued at $180 billionChapter 3 - A high-level overview over crypto jobs- 190,000 people work in the crypto industry- Most crypto jobs are related to investments and tradingChapter 4: An overview of the typical crypto companies- Everything’s bigger in the U.S. – also crypto- The U.K. accounts for one third of crypto employment in Europe- U.S. and Canada dominate in North America- Crypto employment in South America correlates with economy size- Nigeria is the crypto powerhouse of Africa
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