10 May 2023

Web3 - the buzzest of buzzwords

People frequently misuse many words and their associations for a variety of purposes. The phrase 'Web3' has risen high on that list lately. Numerous companies and projects brand themselves as Web3 – but often, this could not be further from the truth.
Anders opinion SVG

In Short

Web3 is a promise to revamp the power structures of the internet. Large companies control internet access and own the data on today's internet. On Web3, the users are in charge. Unlock our VP's thoughts on Web3 by starting a free 30-day PRO trial. No credit card is needed. Or, read our new in-depth report on Web3 here.
In my opinion, the so-called Web3 space is filled with hypemen presenting Web3-irrelevant visions in buzzwords. In addition, before hitting the genuine Web3 projects and people out there, you will meet the exploiters, technically sound groups of people exploiting the latest craze for profits – under the guise of leading a revolution.
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