09 Apr 2024

Avalanche: From GameFi to Crypto Gaming

Avalanche wants to win in crypto gaming. With opportunities to earn airdrops by simply playing beta releases, there is no reason not to have some exposure.
nn april 10 cover image
  • Avalanche went through a tough bear market but has come back to focus on certain narratives - primarily crypto gaming.
  • Subnets are a particularly useful scaling solution for crypto games, as they require infrastructure that can handle high demand with fast transactions.
  • We look at 3 games on Avalanche subnets that have raised standards in crypto gaming
  • While these games are an upgrade from the previous cycle, whether or not they will be fun/popular enough to support respective token value sustainably remains to be seen.
  • Crypto allows you to play video games and earn an airdrop while the market decides which way it will expand, try out some games and sit in your spot positions.
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