Navigating Narratives

Weekly research note looking at what’s brewing in the dynamic low-mid cap altcoin markets from an altcoin trader’s perspective.
28 Nov 2023
Parallel: Crypto Gaming Goes Mainstream
Parallel is the most anticipated crypto game to date, with recent approval for release on the Epic Games Store and Steam. How might one gain exposure to it? Will the game be sustainable? Does this even matter from a trader’s point of view?
21 Nov 2023
GambleFi meets GameFi - Virtual Horse Racing on Solana
Navigating Narratives is our weekly DeFi and altcoin series looking at investment strategies and potential token plays. This week, we look closer at Photo Finish - a Solana based horseracing game.
14 Nov 2023
Shovels for gold diggers: WINR - liquidity for GambleFi
The WINR protocol is a GambleFi infrastructure project that could become a major player in decentralized gambling. This week, we have a closer look at the WINR protocol and its odds of success.
07 Nov 2023
Searching Through Solana
Navigating Narratives, our weekly research article on DeFi trading. In this article, we look at how Solana development is pushing things forward and consider some promising protocols with airdrop potential for DeFi traders.
31 Oct 2023
Injective – Explore The Cosmos
This week, we outline why you should test out the Injective ecosystem, and potentially pick up some INJ exposure on a market pullback. It is time to explore this cosmos!
25 Oct 2023
Pendle – Pioneering Crypto Yield Trading
Pendle has produced an impressive product, catering to both casual users and advanced DeFi traders. But does this translate to $PENDLE being a good long opportunity? Read on and find out!
18 Oct 2023
Circumnavigating Narratives – A Recap
This week we dive back into the narratives explored earlier this fall. What has changed? Which tokens are defying the risk-off market? Should we shift our theses?
11 Oct 2023
RWA – Future of Finance or Buzzword?
Though full-scale RWA adoption may be years away, the altcoin narrative will likely unfold sooner. Dive into this week's Navigating Narratives to prepare for the potential RWA hype cycle.
04 Oct 2023
Options – The Next Step for Altcoin Traders
In this week's Navigating Narratives, we run you through the most promising DeFi options protocols and show how to gain exposure to the on-chain options narrative.
27 Sep 2023
Choosing Altcoins - Out With The Old, In With The New!
Remnants of past glory are of little worth in the altcoin market. In this week's Navigating Narratives, DeFi analyst David Zimmerman gives you the full rundown on why you should invest in new coins rather than the old.
19 Sep 2023
DeFi Simplified - Let The Pros Do It For You
In this week's Navigating Narratives, our DeFi analyst David Zimmerman shows you how you can outsource your DeFi trading to proven altcoin traders - in a fully trustless manner.
13 Sep 2023
Altcoins – Are You Trading or Are You Punting?
The common way to profit in altcoin trading has been to buy early, hope for the rip, and sell before it crashes. In this week's Navigating Narratives, David Zimmerman argues that you should have more than the buy-and-hope strategy in your toolbox.
30 Aug 2023
Unibot Revolutionises Crypto Usability
The difficulty of interacting with DeFi is a significant blocker for broader adoption. Unibot is making it easier than ever before to interact with DeFi - and there is a token involved. Learn more in DeFi analyst David Zimmerman's latest article.
23 Aug 2023 - Social Revolution or Fad?
It’s Crypto - Stay On Your Toes!
15 Aug 2023
GambleFi - Rollbit And The Rest
Crypto natives love to speculate. They love to bet on market direction and they have a great appetite for risk. It’s no surprise then, that GambleFi has developed into a major narrative.