Navigating Narratives

Understand what’s brewing in the dynamic altcoin and DeFi markets
11 Jun 2024
Telegram – Is Crypto’s Killer App Already Here?
Telegram is on a mission to onboard millions into crypto – but will they manage to do it?
04 Jun 2024
ETH Season - Where's The Beta?
ETH season may be upon us, but what ETH beta stands the best chance to outperform?
28 May 2024
Good Projects - The Time Is Now
There is growing pushback from crypto natives against a trend of projects with questionable launches/tokenomics, but industry leaders might change this for the better.
21 May 2024
Sonic Boom - Fantom Revamp
Fantom seeks to recapture the attention of crypto natives with a massive network upgrade.
14 May 2024
Memecoin Migration
Memecoins are going nowhere. For better or for worse, they are a core feature of the crypto industry.
07 May 2024
SocialFi Season – Vying For Attention has dropped their token, but there are other opportunities in SocialFi and beyond.
30 Apr 2024
Fungi – Spore Speculation
A new token standard on Ethereum is producing a cool new digital art concept - but is the timing right?
23 Apr 2024
Ondo Finance – CeDeFi Leader
Can ONDO continue to perform despite some lacklustre tokenomics?
16 Apr 2024
STFX – DeFi Utility vs. Hype
STFX is going from strength to strength, but will the token catch up with booming platform metrics?
09 Apr 2024
Avalanche: From GameFi to Crypto Gaming
Avalanche wants to win in crypto gaming. With opportunities to earn airdrops by simply playing beta releases, there is no reason not to have some exposure.
02 Apr 2024
This Time is Slightly Different
Crypto is changing in some significant ways, how should we adjust our approach to trading the markets in response?
26 Mar 2024
Q1 Roundup – Strong Start, Froth, And Exciting Times
Q1 has been a strong start to this year for crypto. Which narratives will keep outperforming long term? Which narratives currently have momentum?
19 Mar 2024
BNB Smart Chain – The Sun Rises in the East
SOL is catching the headlines, but BSC is heating up as BNB is within reaching distance of a new all-time high. Will the West ignore another BSC season?
12 Mar 2024
SocialFi – Has Entered The Chat
SocialFi is garnering attention once more as the airdrop is expected this spring and pre-market trading volume for points picks up. But there is a new competitor in town…
05 Mar 2024
Cosmos Expansion – The Catch-Up Plays
Cosmos has produced many winners, but some projects remain relatively undervalued and underutilised by crypto participants.
27 Feb 2024
AI – Fever Pitch But Early Innings
AI has dominated headlines everywhere lately, with a local top looking likely here. Even so, crypto AI will continue to be a major narrative this cycle.
20 Feb 2024
Do Not Stay Idle, Get Busy!
Airdrops are all the buzz lately, now that we are seeing some sizeable allocations due to favourable market conditions. However, using good protocols earns you airdrops without the need to “hunt”.
13 Feb 2024
ZETA - Omnichain Gains
The crypto industry will only grow if we can create a smoother experience for both users and developers utilising the myriad of chains and dApps. ZetaChain looks to build that future with its omnichain solution.
06 Feb 2024
The Yield Games Continue
DeFi wizards continue to push for further ETH yield using EigenLayer technology. Vector Reserve provides an intriguing product for yield hunters, but what about the protocol tokens?
30 Jan 2024
Staying Versatile
You have to stay versatile when navigating crypto markets. If we begin trending down, how do we adjust our approach to the markets? What if this was just a routine pullback before we ascend higher?
23 Jan 2024
The Cross-Chain Comeback
Crypto markets are ruthless. To survive, you must provide a service for which users have a real need. THORChain demonstrates this as it has shown true resilience through all the noise.
16 Jan 2024
DePIN – Focus on the Narrative
DePIN is a relatively small crypto market with big potential, for the narrative at least…
09 Jan 2024
You Are Not A Whale: Forget Yield, Trade Tokens
Restaking is more than a hot narrative for 2024, this innovation will reshape the DeFi landscape. But how should we approach it as traders?
02 Jan 2024
Reflexivity and Bull Market Pullbacks
Markets can go much higher or much lower than most people are prepared for. Understanding this can improve your trading immensely.
26 Dec 2023
SEI – Parallelized EVM, Unparalleled Gains?
Sei is a Cosmos-based L1 with an expressed specialisation in the exchange of digital assets. Claiming to be the fastest blockchain in the industry, the potential for a sticky narrative is present.
19 Dec 2023
Altcoins in 2023 – Nice uptrend, but “when up-only?”
2023 has been a good year for alts, particularly Q4. However, this is only a fraction of what is possible in a full-blown bull run. NN discusses how our bias has changed on certain narratives, and wrap up the year by putting this uptrend into perspective.
12 Dec 2023
Down The Perp-DEX Rabbit Hole
DeFi will only take off if the user experience keeps improving. Crypto traders love perps, and there is one perp DEX that is innovating while growing faster than the rest…
05 Dec 2023
Celestia – Good Tech or Good Narrative?
Celestia’s TIA is positioned to benefit when ETH rallies vs. its competitors. A new coin with fundamental value at the centre of “Ethereum scaling”? Sounds like a narrative brewing!
28 Nov 2023
Parallel: Crypto Gaming Goes Mainstream
Parallel is the most anticipated crypto game to date, with recent approval for release on the Epic Games Store and Steam. How might one gain exposure to it? Will the game be sustainable? Does this even matter from a trader’s point of view?
21 Nov 2023
GambleFi meets GameFi - Virtual Horse Racing on Solana
Navigating Narratives is our weekly DeFi and altcoin series looking at investment strategies and potential token plays. This week, we look closer at Photo Finish - a Solana based horseracing game.
14 Nov 2023
Shovels for gold diggers: WINR - liquidity for GambleFi
The WINR protocol is a GambleFi infrastructure project that could become a major player in decentralized gambling. This week, we have a closer look at the WINR protocol and its odds of success.
07 Nov 2023
Searching Through Solana
Navigating Narratives, our weekly research article on DeFi trading. In this article, we look at how Solana development is pushing things forward and consider some promising protocols with airdrop potential for DeFi traders.
31 Oct 2023
Injective – Explore The Cosmos
This week, we outline why you should test out the Injective ecosystem, and potentially pick up some INJ exposure on a market pullback. It is time to explore this cosmos!
25 Oct 2023
Pendle – Pioneering Crypto Yield Trading
Pendle has produced an impressive product, catering to both casual users and advanced DeFi traders. But does this translate to $PENDLE being a good long opportunity? Read on and find out!
18 Oct 2023
Circumnavigating Narratives – A Recap
This week we dive back into the narratives explored earlier this fall. What has changed? Which tokens are defying the risk-off market? Should we shift our theses?
11 Oct 2023
RWA – Future of Finance or Buzzword?
Though full-scale RWA adoption may be years away, the altcoin narrative will likely unfold sooner. Dive into this week's Navigating Narratives to prepare for the potential RWA hype cycle.
04 Oct 2023
Options – The Next Step for Altcoin Traders
In this week's Navigating Narratives, we run you through the most promising DeFi options protocols and show how to gain exposure to the on-chain options narrative.
27 Sep 2023
Choosing Altcoins - Out With The Old, In With The New!
Remnants of past glory are of little worth in the altcoin market. In this week's Navigating Narratives, DeFi analyst David Zimmerman gives you the full rundown on why you should invest in new coins rather than the old.
19 Sep 2023
DeFi Simplified - Let The Pros Do It For You
In this week's Navigating Narratives, our DeFi analyst David Zimmerman shows you how you can outsource your DeFi trading to proven altcoin traders - in a fully trustless manner.
13 Sep 2023
Altcoins – Are You Trading or Are You Punting?
The common way to profit in altcoin trading has been to buy early, hope for the rip, and sell before it crashes. In this week's Navigating Narratives, David Zimmerman argues that you should have more than the buy-and-hope strategy in your toolbox.
07 Sep 2023
Crypto Gaming - The Future of Gaming or Forced Narrative?
David Zimmerman looks closer at the prospects and investment opportunities in crypto gaming. Crypto gaming tokens provided opportunity for astronomic profits in the last bull run, but you had to sell in time! Will it be different now?
30 Aug 2023
Unibot Revolutionises Crypto Usability
The difficulty of interacting with DeFi is a significant blocker for broader adoption. Unibot is making it easier than ever before to interact with DeFi - and there is a token involved. Learn more in DeFi analyst David Zimmerman's latest article.
23 Aug 2023 - Social Revolution or Fad?
It’s Crypto - Stay On Your Toes!
15 Aug 2023
GambleFi - Rollbit And The Rest
Crypto natives love to speculate. They love to bet on market direction and they have a great appetite for risk. It’s no surprise then, that GambleFi has developed into a major narrative.