30 Aug 2023

Enticing Discount on ETHE

We have long been advocates of using the Grayscale BTC Trust for BTC exposure due to its hefty discount. Now, we believe it is a good time to increase ETH exposure and with the ongoing ETF debacle, the Grayscale ETH trust can be a favourable way to do it.
ETHE discount SVG white
Last week, we advised active traders to consider increasing Ether (ETH) exposure due to the low ETH/BTC ratio and the high likelihood of Ether futures-based ETFs in the U.S. by October. The spot market is the simplest and safest way to play that trade. Another way to play it, which introduces uncertainty but increases upside, is to increase exposure via the Grayscale Ether Trust (ETHE), which trades at a 30% discount.  
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