14 May 2024

Memecoin Migration

Memecoins are going nowhere. For better or for worse, they are a core feature of the crypto industry.
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  • Memecoins are here to stay. There is no sector in crypto that better captures retail attention and produces as many parabolic runs
  • The memecoin sector is not without its fair share of pump n’ dump schemes, but traders will not have to worry about VCs and nefarious market makers as they do in “tech-based” altcoins
  • Times are getting tougher for young people trying to build a future for themselves. Memecoins represent one avenue for younger generations to “gamble it up” and try to get ahead
  • There are many different ways to approach trading memes. We consider three different approaches to trading the meme sector, as well as a simplified strategy for structuring a crypto portfolio to include memecoins.
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