28 Nov 2023

Parallel: Crypto Gaming Goes Mainstream

Parallel is the most anticipated crypto game to date, with recent approval for release on the Epic Games Store and Steam. How might one gain exposure to it? Will the game be sustainable? Does this even matter from a trader’s point of view?
parallel crypto gaming goes mainstream chat gpt cover photo
  • Parallel is a sci-fi trading card game, and hype for it is building to a mighty crescendo
  • Crypto gaming is going mainstream, with Parallel approved for release on Steam, as well as the Epic Games Store for Open Beta
  • Echelon’s $PRIME powers the game and is used within Parallel to unlock products, services, and experiences known as “sinks”
  • Holding $PRIME is good exposure to crypto’s most hyped game to date, but holding ParagonsDAO’s $PDT is attractive beta exposure with an appealing yield
  • Even if you are sceptical of crypto’s ability to produce a fun sustainable game, a GameFi hype cycle will bring great trading opportunities - Parallel being a $PRIME example
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