18 Jan 2024

Stricter rules for European crypto firms coming

The EU has suggested mandatory due diligence on crypto transactions, Texas miners powered off during cold outbreak, and Coinbase lawsuit hearing started. In Trending Topics, we discuss anti-crypto Senator Elizabeth Warren and the ever-returning Tether FUD.
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EU provisionally agrees on stricter due diligence rules for crypto firms
The proposed rule, which has not yet been voted in, would require crypto firms to do due diligence on transactions over €1,000 ($1,090).The rule should be seen in light of the upcoming Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) law that will apply to crypto firms in all EU countries. Regulatory demands on European crypto firms are set to change and become clearer but firmer when the new MiCA laws are applied starting December 30, 2024.
Texas Bitcoin miners turned off their machines during cold outbreak
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