30 Aug 2023

Unibot Revolutionises Crypto Usability

The difficulty of interacting with DeFi is a significant blocker for broader adoption. Unibot is making it easier than ever before to interact with DeFi - and there is a token involved. Learn more in DeFi analyst David Zimmerman's latest article.
Unibot cover SVG
DISCLOSURE: The author owns the Unibot token.
Crypto User Experience Is Finally Improving
From the start of my crypto journey, I was always surprised by the poor user experience I was faced with on a regular basis. If your non-crypto friend asked how they could purchase some of that exciting new token you discovered, you took a deep breath before explaining the convoluted process that would usually put them off the idea entirely. Even for crypto natives, some of these protocol UIs are so confusing that it quickly becomes clear they were built by engineers for engineers.Thankfully, we are finally at the stage where teams are building products to address the critical crypto UX issue, none more so than Unibot. Very few products in crypto excite me, but this is one of them.
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