16 May 2023

What if you bought all the top 10 cryptos in January 2018?

In late 2017, Bitcoin became widely renowned through the ferocious rally peaking at close to $20,000 shortly before Christmas. In a second wave lasting into early 2018, altcoins spearheaded by XRP and Ethereum rocketed while Bitcoin started dropping off.
top 10 by mcap Jan 2018 SVG

In Short

In this article, we explore the returns on the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap in early January 2018. Even though many of the coins are still in the top 50, it would not have been wise to buy most of them...
The table above is a snapshot of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap on January 7, 2018. Bitcoin reigned at the top, but the three following coins, XRP, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash, had a larger combined market cap than Bitcoin. Glancing further at the list, you will recognize more names still holding onto today’s top 50 list.
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