21 Mar 2024

Blackrock launches tokenized fund

Blackrock continues to expand its presence in the crypto landscape, the SEC delayed decisions on spot Etherereum ETFs, and memecoin NFT sold for millions. Also, we look at Microstrategy's bitcoin treasury strategy and the current memecoin frenzy on Solana.
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Blackrock launches tokenized fund on Ethereum
The world's largest asset manager, Blackrock, continues to make moves in the crypto landscape.On Wednesday, Blackrock announced it's launching a tokenized asset fund on Ethereum. The tokenized fund will be fully backed by cash, treasury bills, and repurchase agreements, and the yield will be passed on to token holders.To help with the tokenization part, Blackrock has partnered with tokenization company Securitize, which Blackrock has also made a strategic investment in.The latest move shows Blackrock's commitment to crypto and blockchain applications. Earlier this year, Blackrock launched a spot bitcoin ETF, which currently has $16 billion worth of bitcoin under management.
SEC delays decisions on spot Ethereum ETFs
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