19 Mar 2024

BNB Smart Chain – The Sun Rises in the East

SOL is catching the headlines, but BSC is heating up as BNB is within reaching distance of a new all-time high. Will the West ignore another BSC season?
nn mar 20 cover image
  • BNB Smart Chain (BSC) is seeing increased activity as BNB has a major rally post-Binance settlement.
  • BSC was a major area for altcoin madness in the previous bull run, and it looks as though it is warming up for another run here.
  • Western crypto communities have ignored big early moves from certain projects heavily adopted by their Eastern counterparts in the past - such as BNB and LUNA in the previous bull. Consider whether or not we may be making the same mistake now.
  • Navigating Narratives considers 2 projects ahead of a potential BSC season.
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