07 Sep 2023

Crypto Gaming - The Future of Gaming or Forced Narrative?

David Zimmerman looks closer at the prospects and investment opportunities in crypto gaming. Crypto gaming tokens provided opportunity for astronomic profits in the last bull run, but you had to sell in time! Will it be different now?
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  • The gaming industry is massive and will continue to grow
  • Crypto gaming has been riddled with GameFi garbage that was destined to fail in the long run
  • The 2 broad issues are that (i) crypto games have not been fun enough and (ii) crypto has no crossover with traditional gaming and AAA games
  • Projects like Sanko Dream Machine and Dubbz are trying to address this, but it remains to be seen if they will succeed and have staying power
  • Even if you are cynical about crypto in gaming, don’t let that cynicism stop you from taking good trades as they present themselves in another cycle - “Do you want to be right, or do you want to make money?”

Gaming Is Big… REALLY Big

The gaming industry has grown into an absolute behemoth and at a blistering rate. Despite this, most people outside of gaming consistently fail to realize just how big it has become. In 2022, the industry saw $183 billion in revenue, which is roughly 7 times more than global movie box office revenue. To put the rate of growth into perspective, the gaming industry was valued at only $8 billion in 2006 - that is a near 23x gain.
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Source: Newzoo’s Global Gaming Market Report 2023
Crypto gaming has also seen its share of growth in recent years, but it was in the form of dramatic booms and busts. The last major play of 2021/2022 for me was Crabada, as it became the biggest game in crypto. It became so big that it dominated the Avalanche network causing congestion issues. But alas, this traffic was not a result of a majorly popular game drawing in tonnes of players - it was the gentlemen over at Cynical Hate DAO botting the game to death (allegedly) and running the unsustainable tokenomics model into the ground. This all too common story is told concisely in the charts, such as Crabada’s token $CRA:
crabada price chart SVG
$CRA holders are underwater - deep sea diving territory
The Problems With Crypto Gaming
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