04 Jun 2024

ETH Season - Where's The Beta?

ETH season may be upon us, but what ETH beta stands the best chance to outperform?
NN june 5 cover image
  • ETH ETF developments appear to be ushering in the long-awaited ETH season.
  • Ethereum makes up over 60% of TVL out of all chains. Whether you are an ETH maximalist or a Solana solider, a period of ETH outperformance would produce a great wealth effect that would be bullish for all of crypto.
  • In an ETH season, the temptation to search for ETH beta is great. We look at 3 forms of ETH beta to consider when seeking outperformance.
  • It is now or never for ETH. If the excitement of spot ETFs cannot drive momentum for outperformance, it is difficult to imagine what narrative could.
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