23 Apr 2024

Ondo Finance – CeDeFi Leader

Can ONDO continue to perform despite some lacklustre tokenomics?
nn apr 24 cover image
  • Institutions are getting more involved in the crypto market - traditional finance and crypto are becoming more interlinked.
  • BlackRock’s establishment of the “USD Institutional Liquidity Digital Fund” (BUIDL), which initially brought in $100 million and now deploys $300 million on Ethereum, exemplifies this trend.
  • Ondo Finance leads the RWA narrative and “institutional DeFi,” offering tokenized exposure to securities like US treasuries and money market funds, aiming to merge traditional finance and crypto.
  • Ondo Finance has a suite of products that have gained traction, but will ONDO’s lack of utility and value accrual hinder it from a strong run?
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