25 Apr 2024

Stripe to integrate crypto payments

Stripe will start accepting stablecoins, more crypto wallet operators were charged in the U.S., and the spot Ethereum ETF approval deadline is nearing. Also, we look at the new Bitcoin protocol, which caused transaction fees to soar after the halving.
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Stripe to integrate crypto payments
This week, payment giant Stripe announced that they are re-integrating crypto into its payment services. Starting this summer, users can pay with the stablecoin USDC at the Stripe checkout. From the user's perspective, Stripe will initially accept USDC payments over the Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon networks. For companies using Stripe, the USDC payments will instantly be converted to fiat currency. This is not the first time Stripe has ventured into crypto payments. Already in 2014, Stripe enabled bitcoin payments. In 2018, the bitcoin payment option was discontinued, citing that bitcoin was better suited as an asset than a medium of exchange.
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