21 Jul 2023

The Friday Focus 96 - Worldcoin token and U.S. politics

The U.S. Congress is busy at work with crypto bills, the SEC finding new ways to strangle crypto, and the launch of the Worldcoin token. This, and more, in today's Friday Focus.
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Top stories

  • Congress advances stablecoin and crypto market bills
  • Is the SEC looking to indirectly strangle crypto businesses?
  • Worldcoin token launch attracts massive interest
Congress advances stablecoin and crypto market billsThis week, the House Financial Services Committee made strides by advancing a comprehensive regulatory framework for stablecoins in the U.S. Additionally, a second House committee approved legislation that could bring substantial changes to the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the country. This legislation aims to direct agencies to establish clear rules for classifying digital assets as securities or commodities.However, it's important to remember that the bills still need to be passed into law despite these committee approvals. They must pass votes in Congress and the Senate to become effective. Currently, the likelihood of successful passage through both houses appears relatively small.Is the SEC looking to strangle crypto businesses indirectly?
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