14 Jul 2023

The Friday Focus 94 - XRP back on the menu

Court decision on XRP, another 2022 crypto lending profile arrested, and a big week for Coinbase. This, and more, in today's Friday Focus.
Friday Focus Cover page

Top stories

  • Ripple scores partial win in SEC court fight over XRP
  • Former Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky arrested
  • Coinbase stock soars after positive news flow
Ripple scores partial win in SEC court fight over XRPA mixed court ruling by Judge Analisa Torres of the Southern District of New York (SDNY) in SEC v. Ripple Labs hit the market yesterday. Ripple Labs won a partial victory as Judge Torres ruled that some of its sales of the XRP token, the so-called "programmatic sales", did not fully meet the definition of a securities offering. The ruling also stated that Ripple Labs' direct sales of XRP to institutional investors were unlawful securities sales. Many experts are already
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