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Why choose K33 Research?

Understand the crypto market and save time. We are data-driven and analyze the most important events and trends for you.

Our research is tailored for professional investors and institutional clients.

Three weekly reports that covers all you need to know:

Market structure & trends

Dive into market reports that provide signals from the derivatives market.

Benefit from expert market structure analysis and opinions.

Receive actionable insights into what's currently driving the digital assets market and how these movements may impact prices tomorrow.

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Altcoinsand DeFi

Gain unique insights from an altcoin trader's perspective.

Focus on the dynamic low-to-mid cap altcoin markets.

Discover emerging trends and opportunities within the altcoin landscape

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Implicationsof key events

Stay up-to-date with a curated news summary.

Gain in-depth insights into crucial trends and the implications of key events.

Get a comprehensive understanding of the crypto market's weekly highlights.

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In addition to our weekly reports, you'll also receive:

Monthly market outlooks

Independent research notes

In-depth industry reports

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