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I normally don’t pay for content about the cryptocurrency market as there is so much available for free. However, after reading their analysis of the bitcoin ETF process in the US, I changed my mind. The team clearly knows what they are doing, and reading their work I saved a lot of time.

Buzz Aldrin


In the crypto space, we have been fed basic, informal content for free, without much substance, ever since the dawn of institutional investing and trading, but for professional, class-leading, in-depth reporting and research analysis with substance, K33 Research stands out head and shoulders above everyone else. All the top crypto companies use K33’s reporting, and deem it essential

Buzz Aldrin


"What I like about K33 Research  is that they are thorough and honest. Unlike a lot of other publications, they are not afraid to share their view, even when it is bearish. We see that their great work and research brings significant value for our clients within the industry"

Buzz Aldrin


Top quality research every week.

Buzz Aldrin


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