Trade Digital Assets With Confidence

We offer a suite of solutions for family offices, private traders and businesses looking to trade digital assets.

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Deep Liquidity

Get in and out of the market in seconds, regardless of order size. As a broker, we ensure efficient and reliable execution of both small and large orders with market-leading rates.

FX Flexibility

Don't waste fees on expensive currency exchange. Deposit, trade against, and withdraw in a range of fiat currencies including NOK, USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, DKK, and SEK.

Compliant and Regulated

We are regulated by the Norwegian FSA and will work directly with your bank to provide the required documentation for your bank to accept your deposit when required.

Personalised Support

Our real-time support ensures that your trading needs are met and all your questions are answered.


Trade 24/7 with deep liquidity and market-leading rates


Hold custody of your private keys in a secure multisig vault.


We support you through every step of the trade.

Main features


Market-leading rates and access to deep liquidity for efficient execution of large orders


Trade with instantaneous execution and daily settlement


Trade the way you want, be it over phone, chat, web or API


We offer segregated client accounts and leverage best in class protocols and software to safeguard all assets


Leverage our intuitive click-trade web interface to trade whenever you want


Our advanced API suite lets you stream prices and automate trade execution and reporting