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Make informed decisions, enter the market with our brokerage service, and invest safely in managed funds for the long term.

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Reuters, financial times, forbes, bloomberg, coinbase
Reuters, financial times, forbes, bloomberg, coinbase
Trade with conviction

Trade with conviction

Secure custody, best execution across multiple exchanges, and real time in-person service.

We offer a bespoke service via chat, call, or in-person, with market-leading rates and customised custody arrangements. Our market research analysts provide Q&A support, and our seamless onboarding ensures a hassle-free investment experience.

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Secure your wealth

Establish your digital assets investment strategy guided by our experts.

We provide personalized investment solutions, including advice, bespoke portfolio creation, and curated funds for long-term growth. Our fully regulated service provides safe market exposure.

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Secure your wealth


Navigate the digital assets space safely with access to our industry leading research and 1-on-1 realtime support and advisory service.


We are fully regulated and offer segregated client accounts. In addition, we leverage best in class protocols and software to safeguard all assets.

Digital Assets

Our experts have been in the industry since 2012 and know how to navigate. With our research in hand, you will know what is happening and what it means so that you can take advantage of investment and trading opportunities.

Safe. Secure. Digital Assets.

Secure. Digital Assets. Safe.