04 Aug 2023

The Friday Focus 97: DeFi fears after exploit and Q2 results

DeFi protocol Curve exploit leads to broader DeFi concerns, Coinbase's new Base network, and Q2 results. This, and more, in today's Friday Focus.
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Top stories

  • DeFi protocol Curve exploit leads to broader DeFi concerns 
  • Crypto companies report Q2 results
  • Coinbase's new Base network to fully 'open' next week
Crypto companies report Q2 resultsSeveral crypto companies have recently published their Q2 quarterly reports. Key highlights include:
  • Coinbase exceeded analyst estimates, reporting $708 million in Q2 revenue compared to $808 million in the same period last year.
  • Robinhood's latest earnings report showed a drop in crypto revenue.
  • Tether reported a net profit of $850 million in Q2 in their latest attestation report.
  • Cash App witnessed a 34% increase in Q2 bitcoin sales, reaching $2.4 billion.
DeFi collateral concerns and rugpull on Coinbase's new blockchain
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