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The weekly market report with signals from the derivatives market, market structure and expert opinion. A concise overview of the current push and pull factors of the market.

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  • Pending risks
  • Pending opportunities
  • Traders’ positioning: Leverage, bias and activity
  • Dates of interest
  • Deep-dives highlighting important tendencies
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Navigate the Narratives

Weekly research note looking at what’s brewing in the dynamic low-mid cap altcoin markets from an altcoin trader’s perspective.

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  • Discover the latest developments in DeFi protocols
  • Early insight into developing narratives
  • Token plays
  • Strategic trading
  • Sentiment analysis
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Our weekly newsletter on the most important happenings in crypto, explanations and implications of significant happenings.

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  • Efficient news summary
  • Analyzing potential implications
  • Covering the trending topics
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