17 Apr

K33 reduces prices further to compete with international exchanges

K33 reduces prices further to compete with international exchanges

As a result of recent optimizations, K33 Markets has slashed the bid-ask spread by more than 60%, lowering it to just about 0.45% for crypto trades in USD, USDT, USDC, DAI, and EUR, with the actual rates varying based on the specific tokens and market conditions.

Our setup as a brokerage gives us a competitive edge over exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken when it comes to pricing. Being a broker means that we earn money directly from the bid-ask spread, and therefore does not need to charge any additional trading fees.

The standard fee model for Coinbase and Kraken includes additional charges of 0.60% and 0.40% respectively, on top of the bid-ask spread inherent to their orderbook setups. Consequently, users can incur up to 1.20% in extra fees for a round-trade. On K33 Markets on the contrary, there are no additional trading fees at all.  

“In the case of an exchange, your trade has to be matched with someone else's who wants to trade in the opposite direction. This can be tricky for larger orders and often leads to a worse execution price, especially in fragmented markets like crypto”

said Torbjørn Bull Jenssen, CEO of K33, and continued:

“In our setup however, you trade directly with us and we source the liquidity from large liquidity providers in the background. This allows us to quote extremely competitive prices, for both small and even very large orders. For the end users, our recent spread improvements means that K33 is now cheaper than both Coinbase and Kraken, unless you have substantial volume-based discounts.”

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