11 Apr

1.5 million people in the Nordics own cryptocurrency

1.5 million people in the Nordics own cryptocurrency

7% own cryptocurrency
Our findings reveal that approximately 1.5 million individuals in the Nordics hold cryptocurrency, representing around 7% of the adult population. This survey marks a significant milestone as the first of its kind conducted across representative populations in all Nordic countries.

The younger generations dominate
Youthfulness emerges as a defining characteristic among Nordic crypto owners, with over 70% being below the age of 40. This demographic skew underscores the appeal of cryptocurrencies to younger generations, driven by their familiarity with digital technologies. However, a notable gender gap persists, with men being three times more likely to own crypto than women. This trend reflects the broader disparities observed in traditional investment assets as well.

4.6 million crypto owners within the next decade
The mainstream recognition of cryptocurrencies, particularly during the latter half of 2020 and 2021, catalyzed a surge in adoption across the Nordic region. Interestingly, two-thirds of Nordic crypto owners entered the market after 2019, drawn by the allure of price surges and potential financial gains. Looking ahead, our survey projects a steady growth in crypto ownership, with an estimated 4.6 million individuals in the Nordics expected to embrace crypto within the next decade.

Norway has the highest crypto ownership
While Norway boasts the highest crypto ownership rate, Sweden leads in terms of sheer numbers of crypto owners. Despite regional variations, demographic patterns remain consistent across Nordic countries, characterized by youthfulness and male predominance. Moreover, disparities in preferred trading platforms highlight the diverse landscape of crypto exchanges in the region, catering to the varied preferences of Nordic investors.

Watch the presentation of the report below, and access the full report and explore the intricacies of Nordic crypto ownership here.

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